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A.Geeripai Jewellers, Broadway

Broadway A. Geeripai is a name synonym with generations across Kerala in meeting their requirements for 91.6 rated pure gold, quality diamonds and star-specific birthstones.
Broadway A.Geeripai enjoys the trust and patronage of all levels of customers in providing 91.6 hall marked gold, diamonds of cut and clarity and birthstones for pure success in life. Broadway A. Geeripai offers you the most sought after designer and fashion jewellery which has its solid fundamentals of purity engraved in the long tradition of over three generations.
We also offer the special and personal service of our experienced gemologists in providing advice and solutions involved in the purchase of birthstones. So for every discerning customer who values pure gold, clear-cut diamonds and fortune-finder birthstones, Broadway A. Geeripai offers a one-stop shopping experience.

Broadway, Ernakulam,
Cochin - 682 031, Kerala, India ,
Phone: + 91 484 235 2156,

For more information, please visit this webpage.
This details was added to our listing on Thursday 23 April, 2009.
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A.Geeripai Jewellers, Broadway
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